Hospital Information System

Raster HIS is a comprehensive, robust yet simple Hospital information & management system with modules for Doctors, Ward management & Billing. Modules can be customized to the requirements of any hospital with less work. It is designed with the perspective in mind the user friendliness and powerfulness.


Registering of demographic details of patients. Every patient will be allocated a unique Patient ID called ‘MEDICAL RECORD NUMBER’ which will be used to uniquely identify the patient throughout all of his/her visits. The medical record number format can be customized by the administrator. Patient photo can also be associated with other data. Patient Identity cards can also be printed*.

Appointments can be given to patients for required consultants. To avoid overlapping and wrong appointments, schedules & existing appointments of the consultant will be visible. Appointments can be canceled or re-scheduled if necessary.

Patients can registered for OP Consultation. Case sheets can be printed.

Various charges like Consultant fee, Laboratory, Diagnostic procedure charges & other services the patients would avail in the hospital can be billed in this module. This module can support centralized billing (all billing process in one single location) as well as distributed billing (billing at each department like CT, X-Ray & etc). This module can also be configured to support ‘Pay & Consult’ and ‘Consult & Pay’ styles.

Consultants can view & set the appointments for the selected day, can define slot time (minutes per slot) for appointments, can block slots for personal work & etc.

Consultants can view the list of patients waiting in queue for consultation.

Subjective, Objective, Assessment & Plan – Complaints, past medical history, family history, vitals & symptoms, assessment details can be entered and orders for a lab test, X-Ray, CT-Scan & Pharmacy (medication) can be generated with few clicks (Computerized Physician Order Entry – CPOE)*. Patient visit history can also be accessed from there.

Patients can be admitted in a specific ward, room & bed for undergoing indoor treatment under a specific doctor. Indoor case sheets can be printed on admission. Room requests can be maintained if the patient opted room type is not available in the time of admission. Optionally OP visit can also be converted into IP Visit*. Wrist bands for patients can be printed*.

Visual ward monitor will show accurate position of occupancy status where occupied, free, maintenance, reserved & blocked beds will be shown differently. Admitting a patient to a room will classify the room on gender, so that admitting a male patient into a semi-private room where already a male patient admitted will show warning.

Room types can be associated with a charge item so that admitting a patient to a particular room (of type) will attract the charges automatically. (No need to enter the charges again). Beds can be configured to go for Maintenance whenever a patient discharged / transferred, thereafter maintenance department must release the bed for further allotment*.

Beds also can be reserved for VIP patients.

Patients can be transferred from one bed to other, where charges will also be added automatically during transfer. Hour based charges can be configured if the patient occupancy is not in days but in hours. And also transfers can be configured to charge for higher class room type, if patient moves from lower class room (retrospective billing)*.

Services rendered right from Admission to Discharge can be charged in a centralized billing system or can be distributed to various department billing counters. Interim memos can be printed in respective departments to keep the patient informed about the services rendered. Draft bills can be printed. Deposits or advance payments can be made for admitted patients.

Resources such as Oxygen, Ventilator & other equipments can be defined. Usage of these resources for patients can be logged by start time and stop time which will result in accurate billing and will make easy the resource management. Charges will be added to IP Bill automatically.

Resources such as Operation theater & other services can be scheduled for effective utilization.

Consultant and referral doctor visits can be recorded for calculating doctor fee. Requests for other departments lab, pharmacy, X-Ray can be generated from ward. Charges can be entered from ward for ward procedures and issues (the ward can be made to act as a sub-store)*. Drug schedule, vital parameter entry and alert system can be integrated to alert the nurses on the scheduled time for medication and other services.

Details of attending doctors, anesthetists, timings and materials & facilities used, operation performed can be entered and the appropriate charges will be added IP Bill.

Emergency alarm system can be integrated with the bed monitor. Whenever a patient presses alarm button, the relevant bed icon will flash in station’s monitor. It can be stopped after attending the patient.

Raster HIS is designed to be cross platform and will work under Windows, Linux & Mac OS X (Java required)

Application can be deployed spanning territories over Internet (IPSec VPN) with centralized database. Combined reports can be generated for analysis.

Unique definable roles made it easy to manage users with only those screens they are supposed to work with.

Price books can be maintained for different type of patients. i.e. prices based on type of patient for example VIP, Corporate, Insurance companies & etc.

* requires further customization and which will not be included in standard installation.