iPACS Server

Raster iPACS is fully DICOM standards complaint. The server software runs on a high performance multi-core scalable servers. The server runs on LINUX to assure statbility. All data is stored on RAID hard drives to ensure maximum data integrity even in the event of a hard failure. Online storage options range from 1TB to 128 TB.

We offer 24×7 online and remote support and free initial on-site training and follow-up on-site training. Always includes software updates and new releases. All of RasteriPACS services contract customers are always on the latest release – because it is always included.

We offer unlimited web based radiologist work station licenses. Then maintains and replaces hardware at no additional cost. Provides optional real time off-site back-up of images and data.

RasteriPACS provides the radiologist with a totally mouse driven workstation with feature such as MIPS/MPR, advanced hanging protocols, point ROI, measuring tools, customizable menus, saved preferences, etc. We offer a solution that covers EVERYTHING. Options are RIS, PACS, dictation, scheduling, image capture, MIPS/MPR, reports, interface, cardio, mammo tracking, software obsolescence protection hardware maintenance and replacement, OR carts, installation, training, on-going training, continuous software updates and documentation, hi-resmonitors, and bar code readers. Products take care of the referring physicians by providing him/her easy ANYWHERE access to all the tools and information he/she needs and by providing extremely fast image loading. Our products are standards based. They are built on the IHE platform, are DICOM 3.0 compliant, use the HL7 interface and lossless JPEG compression.

iPACS Server Workflow
iPACS Server Workflow