DICOM Burner

Raster CD/DVD DICOM Burner is an easy to use disc recorder that concurrently records and labels CD’s and DVD’s on demand. Raster DICOM Burner have advanced robotics, user-friendly touch screen interface, dual CD/DD drives, and a built-in color printer, Raster DICOM Burner seamlessly records patient information, reports and DICOM images to CD/DVD, at the same time automatically labeling the disc with your facility logo and labels can be customizable. An embedded DICOM viewer allows recipients access to all digital content from any PC. Customers can submit a job request from any PC within your enterprise. Raster DICOM Burner can process multiple jobs simultaneously and the workstation can be used for other tasks during the job.

Features / Benefits

  • Easy-to-use interface, no training required.
  • Intuitive touchscreen option turns novices into expert users in minutes.
  • Visual selection of studies.
  • Integrates with PACS, imaging modalities or viewer.
  • Remote server query retrieve.
  • Customer can create their own custom labels to Print.
  • Cost-effective portable media solution.
  • Built-in DICOM Viewer to read and reconcile.
  • No User intervention required. Jobs can be scheduled and the robotic disc publisher  automatically records all the discs.
  • DICOM Viewer can be added on all CD’s/DVD’s.
  • Meets industry standards including DICOM part 10.
  • Audit-Logging.
  • Remote Administration through web interface.
  • Single or Dual CD/DVD drives for concurrent recording and labeling.
  • Blu-Ray support(optional)