iPACS-Teleradiology  is a  efficient healthcare processes used by radiologists to  manipulate patient radiological data which supports all phases of your radiology workflow.


  • Browser based application, which can be accessed from anywhere and the access will be restricted with user login.
  • No individual workstation installation.
  • DICOM study routing.
  • DICOM workstation with 3D
  • iPACS webviewer.
  • Emergency case can be marked as stat.
  • Voice Recorder for transcription.
  • Reports can be generated using pre-defined templates and patient information.


  • The studies(images) will be sent to the PACS server from the modality and imaging center uses verify the studies sent from the centers and update any missing information.
  • The imaging center user will assign studies to the radiologists, an alert will be send to radiologists.
  • The radiologists diagnosis the studies using DICOM workstation or iPACS web viewer, the radiologists will dictate report using Voice Recorder.
  • Medical transcriptions will download the dictation files related to the study and transcribe it as text reports and upload back into server.
  • Radiologist will then review the report which has been uploaded by the transcriptionist.
  • Finally the report which has been reviewed by the radiologist will be downloaded by the imaging center user and issued to patient.

Screen Shots