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DICOM Camera

Introducing DICOM Camera - your advanced medical imaging solution right in your pocket. This innovative app seamlessly integrates with medical imaging systems, allowing healthcare professionals to capture, store, and share high-quality DICOM-compliant images using their iOS devices. DICOM Camera is a revolutionary medical imaging app that transforms your smartphone into a powerful DICOM-compatible camera, bringing convenience and efficiency to healthcare professionals and patients alike. With its advanced features and seamless integration with medical systems, DICOM Camera enables easy capture, storage, and sharing of high-quality medical images.

DICOM Camera
Key Features:
  • DICOM-Enabled Imaging: Capture medical images directly in DICOM format, ensuring compatibility with various Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS) used in hospitals and clinics. Capture medical images directly from your iOS device, ensuring they adhere to the DICOM standard.
  • High-Quality Imaging: Utilise your smartphone's advanced camera capabilities to produce crystal-clear medical images.
  • Patient Data Integration: Seamlessly link patient information to each captured image, including patient ID, name, date of birth, and other relevant metadata, making it easier to manage and identify images in the medical records.
  • Annotation and Markup: Annotate images with markers, and text to highlight specific areas of interest or provide additional information for diagnosis and treatment planning.
  • Offline Mode: Capture DICOM images even in areas with limited internet connectivity. The app will sync and upload the data once the connection is restored.
  • Customised Workflows: Multiple ways to fit your specific medical workflow. Query patient ID and upload images or capture images and upload against patient ID or upload from photos to patient ID.
  • Advanced Image Processing: Enhance and optimise the images using built-in image processing tools, allowing you to adjust brightness, contrast, and other parameters for better visualisation.
  • Multi-Platform Compatibility: DICOM Camera seamlessly integrates with existing medical systems, including Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems and radiology information systems (RIS), ensuring a smooth transition and enhanced productivity.

With DICOM Camera, medical professionals can rely on a versatile and user-friendly solution to capture and manage medical images efficiently, improving patient care, and enhancing the overall healthcare experience. Enhance your clinical practice with the power of DICOM Camera. Empower healthcare providers with a portable, efficient, and secure solution for capturing and managing medical images, fostering collaboration, and improving patient care.

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