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Neopead EMR & Charting

Your paperless medical practice is here!

Created by "Doctors For Doctors"

Existing Features (Current Version 2)
  • Electronic baby registration, admission records, daily ward round entries, digital entry of neonatal problems and nurses data entry made easy with in built intelligent navigation
  • Data entry made easy and error free by enhanced user interface and automated pre-filled field menus with options to choose
  • Scalable layouts - ease of use with PCs, laptops, tablets and mobile phones
  • Instantly generated NICU and postnatal discharge summaries, OP consultation records and scan reports
  • Automated plotting of growth charts
  • Salient Neonatal and Paediatric Calculators
  • One - step generation of weekly, monthly and annual reports with provisions to compare different time periods
  • Advanced search features including combination searches to assist physicians with audits and research
Upcoming Features (Version 3 will be out soon)
  • Automated data capture from monitors, ventilators, syringe pumps and other devices
  • Automated data capture would significantly reduce doctor’s and nurse’s data entry time - No more vitals observation paper charts
  • Graphical timeline display of all vital parameters and clinical observations
  • Integration with Hospital laboratory and imaging systems
  • Benchmark your practice with other participating National and International hospitals by health quality indicators
  • Algorithms to avoid clinical untoward incidences -Patient safety initiative
  • Research tool for future validation and implementation - Predictive algorithms to forecast clinical deterioration
  • Will be compliant with Indian Government’s digital information security in health care act 2018

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