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IoMT Interfacing

Even today, most clinical labs across the country, manually program tests into analysers, manually copy the results into a register and manually transcribe it once again into the LIS. This is inefficient for the labs, yes. But more importantly, it is error-prone and could be dangerous for the patient.

Raster’s IoMT devices

provide direct connectivity and automation by interfacing laboratory analysers and Laboratory Information Systems (LIS) across locations.

IoMT Interfacing
How Raster's IoMT device works
How Raster's IoMT device works
Features and Benefits
  • Inexpensive - Raster’s IoMT devices are an efficient and inexpensive alternative to the expensive (and unsuitable) computers that are often used as interfacing equipment.
  • Adaptable and easy-to-use - Installing Raster IoMT devices are quick and easy, even if you want to connect multiple instruments across disciplines, sites and LIS.
  • Power-efficient - The Raster IoMT box eliminates the need for dedicated PC for interfacing for each analyser, saving power and space, while working reliably 24x7.
  • Compliant - All software solutions conform to international standards such as HL7 and ASTM.
  • Beyond just lab analysers - Raster IoMT devices can also connect to medical equipment like ventilators and patient monitors in the ICU/NICU and ward to the HIS and EMR.
  • Platform / Tech-Agnostic - In our experience, we have worked with nearly all lab information systems and diagnostic equipment manufacuters, making sure out IoMT box serves them all.

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